Best types of handbags for men

This 2018 brought a notorious boom in the usage of handbags for men. The reasons why this is happening are: practical, innovative and provide a unique elegance which could not be left alone for the use of women.

If we see the history of this essential fashion accessory we can say that the creation of handbags arose with an exclusive purpose to facilitate transportation of personal belongings on trips or as a loading device in various jobs. Its evolution started with great brands creating a new concept for women but with the great evolution of the world and the changing society in which we live has been in the past the great stigma about how men use bags today.

┬┐Who said that bags are only for women?

Leaving aside the taboo that once existed on this subject, we can notice how important is the use of handbags in the daily life of any person, male society has said enough! To the discomfort of having the pockets of pants full with objects you need to take with you. Currently, there are multiple designs and types of handbags for men, but seeing it from this point, which is the best option? And why?

Starting with the most important and most used we have The Briefcase
This one tells business to everyone, professionalism and executive wealth. If you want to look like an elegant man in the work that you are doing this is the best option since its physical characteristics are: The hardness, the colors and their ability to sit up straight when placed on a surface is a perfect ally for the life of a professional.

The messenger bag, this is a more relaxed, practical and functional version of a briefcase. With its more versatile design it allows to fulfill the same functions as the previous one but adding compartments for laptops and other objects with a softer and more casual design that includes a strap to carry it to the shoulders or around the body.

The backpack, it is wrong to think that this is only associated with university or college zones. Currently, they have a great variety of designs that allow them to be used in the daily activities of any man, turning these ones into a more practical and casual way of carrying everything that is needed.

Finally, The Gym Bag is necessary for those who dedicate themselves to sports.


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