2018 male handbag trends

A male handbag have two main uses: they’re a way to carry everything you might need in a formal or casual setting with you just as much as they’re another important feature of your style, and you need to pick them just as you would pick your shoes, suit and tie.

Not every handbag is made for the same situations, and not every handbag goes well with a given style, so keep reading to find out the rising trends for male handbags in 2018!

Fanny Packs

Fanny Packs are always in order if you’re looking for a laid back look in casual settings, giving you the right space you need to bring your valuables with you without compromising your style. If you want to feature a bum bag in your outfit, try to combine its color with a jacket, either by choosing the same one or looking for soft and neutral contrasts. Regarding the bum bag build, leather ones are more prominent and look better.

Sleek briefcases

Most men don’t have to carry a lot of things with them to work and other meetings and events. In most situations, a laptop or a notebook woult suffice. If you only need to bring your essentials with you, look for a sleek, elegant briefcase to carry with you. These elegant and versatile handbags go well with every look and in every situation, making them a smart addition to any outfit. Black and brown briefcases tend to be the most common since they match most suits, but you can break out of the norm and get an exotic briefcase for a particular style.


A well-built, leather holdall (or carryall, depending on where you are) is a perfect way of carrying out more items with you than, for example, a briefcase. Both handbags have different uses; holdalls are useful if you’re a frequent traveller and need a trendy way of moving from one place to another. These handbags tend to be durable, if you find a quality one, and come in many different colors and styles that can match whatever you’re looking for.


Finally, why not go back to your classic backpack? Look for a luxury backpack that goes well with every outfit, in traditional colors, such as black, grey or brown if you want a casual style, or look for the season’s colors and mix them with your backpack ones. The size also matters: if you want to carry it by hand, choose a small and less bulky backpack, but if you need to bring more stuff with you then carry it just as in your school days, for a casual look. And always remember to get a durable and resistant backpack to withstand the use!

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